Search Engine Optimization Services

The process of affecting a web page’s visibility on a search engine’s unpaid results is called Search Engine Optimization. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have primary search results. Web pages and other contents such as videos and listings are ranked and showed in accordance with a user’s query. The results shown in such a fashion are called “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” search results.

SEO Service
Search Engine Optimization (SEO, as it would be termed from here on) is done by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a web page or a website. Relevant keywords are inserted in web page so that when a user searches for a specific item on a search engine, these keywords helps the web page to be displayed in top results. Think about it, how many times you have clicked on second or third page of a search result. We like our search completed on first page, if not on top. Best businesses in the market know the importance being on top, and search engine is no exception either.

Pallasite Works provide you best SEO services while ascertaining that your website and web page land on the top results of the most frequently used search engines. We can improve the search engine rank and site traffic of any company. The expertise offered by our technical and copywriting staff enables Pallasite worksSolutions to meet the needs of companies’ websites in the online race of who comes first.
Local SEO
further engage new clients for local business. We ensure Local SEO is a technique that utilizes all the new 2.0 website features to be integrated into social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and several other video, blog communities. Let’s take our example, we, Pallasite works Solutions, are located in Coimbatore.

If you search for “computer services in Coimbatore”, our name will be yielded in top results. Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you can gain higher local search rankings. We understand Local SEO relies heavily on local links from social sites. We are a team of result oriented professionals, and we work to the best of our capabilities to make sure the local SEO done on your web page yields best results.
International SEO
International SEO is the process of tweaking your website related keywords so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to reach and what languages you use for business. When you look at your site traffic and realize that a major share of your visitors are either coming from other countries or speak other languages, it might be time to think about international SEO (which is basically geotargeting).

Keeping that in mind, we make sure your site content is relevant for users in your target areas and languages. We also put emphasis on using correct currencies and time zones. Remember, although the US and the UK speak the same language, they have different time zones and use different currencies.
Pay Per Click
Pay Per click, or simply called PPC, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.”

While using PPC ads, we display an advertisement when a keyword query matches your product or webpage’s keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content. These advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads, and appear adjacent to, above or beneath organic results on search engine results pages.


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